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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Fitness Blast - Day Four - SO SORE!

Today I had a workout partner! We had the whole place to ourselves and it felt like it was our own private gym - uh, minus the cameras, however. It is open 24 hours and for security purposes, they always have cameras on so people feel safe. However, we often forget that we were being recorded and I pray our goofing around footage will not show up on You Tube!
While I adored having KT with me, there was more laughing than actual hard core working out, but that's okay, too, because I read somewhere that laughing burns calories too. Besides that? I was majorly sore. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill (working up to incline 11 again) and tried to do the cross trainer, however, my left hip said GTFO!!! So we moved on to chest/triceps. Did some jump roping and KT, who I used to take to Planet Fitness with me, said she liked Snap better. When we first arrived and walked up to the building she said, "This is it?" And I told her I thought she might like it better, but to judge for herself. By the end of our workout, she said she liked it much better. It was brighter, 'cozier' and the equipment was new and easy to use. I think she probably really liked the fact that we lucked out and no one was around. But all I know is she's excited to go back tomorrow. Me, eh. It is what it is. I'd be lying if I said I couldn't wait to go, but after I'm done, I feel totally awesome and am so glad I pushed myself to leave my desk (or the couch or get out of the kitchen).
Food yesterday: Homemade Acorn Squash Soup with a dollop of sour cream. A small corn tortilla with  chicken and spinach.
Gotta run - It's A Wonderful Life is about to come one, and besides Elf and Home Alone 1& 2, its' my favorite MUST SEE Christmas show:>)

Here's a chocolate peppermint Christmas kiss for you. Since I can't eat it though, neither can you, but isn't it pretty?

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