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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 7 - BFF- Martini's, Wings, Flyers Hockey Game

Worked out in the morning: 20 minutes cardio, then worked my chest and triceps. For lunch, John and I went to the BoatHouse in Conshohocken. He's been craving their wings (they're the best). I was nervous because I didn't want to back slide. I ordered a grilled chicken pasta salad - filled with tomatoes, broccoli, black olives, and bowtie noodles. I only had a few bowtie noodles and ate probably a third of the platter (it was huge, no wonder we're so fat!), 2 of John's hot wings, and a very cold martini. I boxed up the rest of the my meal and later feed the dogs most of the noodles.
The Flyers played the Penguins at 7pm, so I decided to go BACK to the gym so I could watch the game. For 3 hours, I walked on the treadmill at a slow steady rate with a small incline. According to the machine, I burned off 700 calories. And the Flyers won. So it was a great night!

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